2 Truths About Root Canal Treatment

If you need root canal treatment and you look it up or talk to people about it, you are likely to hear quite a medley of rumors! If you talk with us about it, however, you will find that you’re all filled up with good, factual information that will actually make you feel fantastic about treating your smile! So, before you get sucked into the less reliable sources of information out there, we encourage you to consider some truths straight from our team.

Truth #1: You Actually Need It

You might hear things from friends who suggest you don’t need a root canal treatment. You might question it yourself. You may wonder why we don’t just remove the tooth if it doesn’t heal. Here are some answers that will help you feel much better about choosing this treatment to save your tooth:

  • If you don’t treat a problem with dental pulp, it cannot heal. It can only worsen.
  • A neglected concern can lead to infection, infection that spreads, and serious damage.
  • Waiting until you need an extraction is a bad choice. Not only will you experience discomfort until the tooth is removed but you will also then need a replacement tooth, which is never preferable to keeping your natural tooth.

Truth #2: It Actually Feels Like…Nothing!

Root canal treatments don’t hurt. They don’t feel amazing. They actually don’t feel like anything. That’s because we use an anesthetic to numb your tooth and the tissues within the area to be treated. As we’re working, you will know that we’re addressing your dental tissues but you won’t feel the details. It’s just like with a filling or any other restorative procedure! You have nothing to worry about and your oral health to look forward to.

Learn The Facts About Root Canals

Find out the truth regarding what you can expect from root canal treatment, so you feel comfortable and confident in taking care of your tooth concern. Get the information and treatment you need in Celina, TX by contacting Celina Family Dentistry to schedule a visit today at (214) 851-0130.