Dental Implants: Who Can’t Have Them (Yet)?

Most people will be able to qualify for dental implants! However, that doesn’t mean that you qualify for them right now. “But why not?” you may be thinking to yourself. While a visit with our team is always the absolute best way to figure out how to create an implant journey for yourself, we are happy to hand over some helpful details regarding candidacy, so you have a better understanding from the get go.

People With Active Oral Disease

Placing dental implants is an experience that requires the presence of healthy tissue to support those implants. When you’re dealing with an active problem like serious gum disease, it’s best to restore your health first. As a result, your mouth and body will be prepared to accept the implants, to swiftly recover, and then to support the posts and their restorations for many (many) years to come!

Patients With Jaw Health Concerns

When your jaw is damaged, it may not be time for dental implants just yet. Remember that your jaw is the foundation that supports implants, which means if it’s not dense enough, full enough, or it is diseased in some way, you haven’t got a solid foundation on which to build! Fortunately, oral surgery (bone grafting) can often give you the jaw tissue improvement that you require.

Individuals Who Are Too Young

A human’s jaw continues growing often into one’s late teens or early twenties. Since a dental implant needs a jaw that is not changing shape, a teen or very young adult may not be quite ready for implants yet. We will determine this on a patient-by-patient basis and will offer alternatives along the way.

Let Our Team Know If You Are Interested In Implants

We are here to guide you through education, information, and moving forward with dental implants when you are ready. Get the information and treatment you need in Celina, TX by contacting Celina Family Dentistry to schedule a visit today at (214) 851-0130.