Sleep Apnea Sufferers: Watch For Caffeine!

Yes, you know that it’s important that you can fall asleep at night if you’re in the process of getting your sleep apnea treatment into a routine, so you’re sleeping through the night. What you don’t necessarily know is that when it comes to actually getting to sleep, caffeine might get in the way. “But I don’t drink it right before bed!” you might say. Well, that’s a good start. However, you might need to look at caffeine in a new light if you want to really make sure you’re doing all you can to promote your sleep.

Move That Time Limit Even More

Maybe you’ve decided that you won’t drink caffeine after 6pm anymore because it’s important that you can fall asleep. However, you’re still having trouble falling asleep, which means your sleep apnea treatment doesn’t exactly get the chance to shine in all its effective glory! You may need to reconsider. You might want to shift that final time to 3pm or you might even want to stop drinking it by 10am! Your sensitivity to caffeine and its effects may be something you’re not familiar with just yet. It may take some time but you’ll figure it all out.

Watch What You’re Eating And Drinking

Maybe you’ve given up your usual coffee habit and you’ve switched to decaf. Maybe you don’t even drink caffeinated drinks but you’re still feeling buzzed, making it impossible for you to gain the full effects of sleep apnea treatment. Hint: You may be consuming this stimulant without realizing it! For instance:

  • Decaf contains caffeine (yes, really)
  • Your tea may contain it
  • Many foods like chocolate and some ice creams or energy bars may have it
  • Your beverages that you simply figured don’t contain caffeine may have it, too, so read before you chew or gulp

Make Sleep Apnea Treatment Its Most Effective

Make your ability to rely on sleep apnea treatment absolutely successful by being careful about your daily choices. Need help? Let us know. Get the information and treatment you need in Celina, TX by contacting Celina Family Dentistry to schedule a visit today at (214) 851-0130.