Flossing: “Oops” Moments That Are Harming Your Oral Health

You might think you’re doing a pretty good job with your flossing. That is, until you meet with our Celina, TX practice for a checkup and we tell you that you could probably be doing a better job. Maybe you have developed some amount of gum inflammation or we simply see the buildup of plaque and tartar along your gumline. So, what might you be doing wrong, even though you are flossing on a daily basis as we suggest? There happen to be some very common “oops” oral health moments that patients end up falling victim to that we can quickly explain and that, as a result, you can very easily avoid!

Oops: You Went Way Too Fast

If you notice during your cleanings with us, we floss your smile in a slow and steady manner. That’s because if you go too fast, you’re going to miss some plaque and you’re probably going to hurt yourself! When you miss bacteria-filled plaque, you’re headed straight toward decay development and gingivitis. You don’t want this. You want good oral health!

Oops: You Focused On Just One Area

We understand why you might be flossing only your front upper teeth. However, it’s so very important you floss them all. You might think that the appearance and approachability of your smile is all about the teeth that people can see but your entire smile can actually have an effect. For instance, don’t forget, if you ignore your back teeth, you’ll end up with some seriously bad breath!

Oops: You Missed Those Back Teeth!

Yes, those very back teeth need to be flossed, too. Floss behind them. You can’t see way back there but you can reach, so you know you’re protecting all dental tissue. The result? Optimal oral health, rather than decayed back molars.

Oops: You Didn’t Begin Beneath Your Gumline

One of the things our team cannot stress enough is that if you’re going to floss effectively as you protect your oral health, you’ve got to do so by beginning just beneath your gumline. When you forget to move slightly beneath your gum tissue, you’re missing out on the area that really needs plaque removal. Miss all of that plaque and it turns into very hard tartar, which then aggravates gums and promotes the development of gum disease!

Floss Better With Our Very Easy Suggestions

Make the most of your flossing habits when you meet with us and learn more during visits, so you can offer your smile the best protection possible. Get the information and treatment you need in Celina, TX by contacting Celina Family Dentistry to schedule a visit today at (214) 851-0130.