What Does Excellent Preventive Care Look Like?

When we talk with you about preventive care and all that it includes, you may think that it’s mostly just about brushing, flossing, and your twice-a-year visits with us for cleanings and checkups. You’re not wrong that these are major parts of keeping your smile safe and healthy: They are! However, when we’re talking about excellent prevention, there’s a bit more that goes into it! Let’s talk details, so you know you’re receiving all of the information you need from our Celina, TX team to keep your smile in beautiful condition.

It Includes Attention To Potential Issues With Function

Remember that your dental hygiene is an extremely important part of your preventive care. However, it’s not giving you everything you need when it comes to prevention. There are sometimes problems with the way your tissues are working, as well! Let’s talk about the example of sleep apnea. When the tissues in your mouth and throat are collapsing and obstructing your airways, you have problems breathing when you sleep. Preventive dental care includes paying attention to and treating issues like this, bruxism, and more, so your tissues are healthy and functioning properly! See us for dental exams to keep ahead of such concerns.

It Includes Mindful Choices Throughout Every Day

Our team wants you to remember that just because you brush and floss and come in for visits, that doesn’t mean these steps provide your smile with immunity against potential problems. They, of course, give you some exceptional protection! However, it’s also important to consider your daily choices, so your preventive care work pays off. If you’re drinking coffee, eating candy, and chewing on ice all day long, chances are good that you’re going to hurt your teeth and maybe end up with gum health issues. Keep the following in mind:

  • Don’t eat things that are hard on your teeth (or eat them in limited amounts)
  • Watch out for acids, which strip your enamel
  • Be mindful when you eat sugar (drink water immediately after; rinse then brush if possible)

Bring Your Smile In For Preventive Care Every Six Months

When we say we want to see you twice a year for prevention, we always mean that you should schedule cleanings and checkups every six months for wonderful results. Get the information and treatment you need in Celina, TX by contacting Celina Family Dentistry to schedule a visit today at (214) 851-0130.