Processing Your Feelings: Tooth Loss

There are so many different feelings that might come into play when you experience tooth loss. While you may first view it as a negative experience, our Celina, TX team reminds you that in order to come out the other side of this moment in your life with a beautiful, healthy, and very functional, complete smile, you’ll need to consider some smart ways to process those emotions! As you may have realized, we are most certainly ready to help you figure out just how to do that for optimal results!

Go Ahead And Feel Sad, However…!

Yes, we know, it is not a happy moment when you lose a tooth or multiple teeth. We certainly aren’t going to tell you that you aren’t allowed to grieve and feel sad for a bit when you realize this tissue is gone for good. However, our team does remind you that wallowing in your sorrow will certainly not help your situation any. So, have a good cry, listen to some sad music, and review what went wrong, if you feel it. Then, get ready to feel something different than sadness!

Get Logical!

Now, take a moment for some serious logic. Shift your emotions as you decide to feel contemplative. What caused your tooth loss, what could you have done differently, and as a result, how can you make changes in the present and future that will prevent you from experiencing it again? When you’re ready to move on from feeling sad about your missing teeth, a very good way to do so is drawing a lesson that you can use to your advantage and reminding yourself that you can protect yourself from further loss! Remember, when you stick with prevention and other dental care we suggest along the way, preserving natural teeth is always possible.

Snap Into Action!

Now, it’s time to feel proactive and motivated! You know that once you decide to schedule a visit with our practice, we can quickly help you make decisions that will guide you toward having a smile full of all of its teeth again! Remember, there are many ways to approach replacing teeth, which will take your personal preferences, your schedule, your needs, and your budget into account, so don’t shy away from seeing us! The treatments we provide at our practice include:

Address Tooth Loss With Our Treatments

Ready to say goodbye to tooth loss, as you welcome in replacement teeth for a complete and beautiful new smile? Give our team a call soon, so we may schedule a consultation with you to get going on treatment. Get the information and care you need in Celina, TX by contacting Celina Family Dentistry to schedule a visit today at (214) 851-0130.