Dental Emergencies: 3 Times To Shush Your Mind 

Dealing with the onset of a dental emergency, which you most likely didn’t see coming, can cause patients to respond in a wide variety of ways! If you’re the type of individual to immediately pick up the phone to call our Celina, TX team to let us know you need dental care, then good! This is exactly what we encourage and we are pleased you feel so comfortable contacting us! However, if you find that you reach for your phone but then suddenly hesitate because your mind starts to play some tricks on you, we encourage you to kindly tell it to shush, and then follow through on getting in touch with us. Consider some examples, so you see what we mean.

#1: When It Tells You Maybe You Should Wait To Call

You suddenly go from having a regular day to realizing you need our help right away! However, you may have a moment of hesitation when you think to yourself: Well, maybe I should just wait. Maybe the problem will get better. As always, we encourage you to simply contact us. We can determine whether the issue sounds like you can wait a bit or if you should come in ASAP.

#2: When You Start Worrying Your Issue Isn’t That Bad

Then, there are those instances in which you may feel like you should be able to put on a brave face and just power through! Yes, it’s an extremely severe toothache but your mind suddenly chimes in with, “Are you really going to call the dentist for a toothache? Just take a pain reliever!” Of course, a pain reliever can help but you should still contact us, as any type of severe discomfort is considered a dental emergency.

#3: When You Wonder: Is My Visit A Nuisance?

First, you feel complete relief as you remember that we offer emergency dental care. Thank goodness, you can call us, set up a visit, and you can come in to receive the care you need. However, your mind suddenly makes a suggestion: Maybe this is an option we offer but what if our team is actually annoyed by your sudden need for care, you wonder? This is when you tell your brain to be quiet! Always remember that we offer each and every treatment because it’s what we do! We love helping you keep your smile safe all the time. We much prefer to see you when an accident occurs, so we can rescue your smile, than to try to help you once potentially permanent damage has affected your smile simply because we didn’t see you soon enough. Come in!

Contact Us Right Away If A Dental Emergency Happens

Don’t shy away from calling our team when you need help for an emergency dental problem. We always invite you to get in touch with us if you think you need dental care, so we can protect your oral health. Get the information and treatment you need in Celina, TX by contacting Celina Family Dentistry to schedule a visit today at (214) 851-0130.