The Autumn Season: Important Implications For Your Grin!

You could likely come up with a list a mile long, when we ask you about what you’re visualizing when we mention the autumn season. Chances are good there’s lots of food on that list, warm colors like rust and cranberry, the thought of feeling warm and cuddly, a handful of pumpkins, a smattering of pinecones, etc. It’s an exquisite time of year for the senses! Did you know that one item not on your list that’s also quite lovely? Your oral health care! Yep. Along with everything else that this part of the year brings, there are some seasonal implications our Celina, TX team is happy to make much clearer for you, so you don’t miss them!

It Means: Check Your Insurance Benefits ASAP

Once autumn officially begins, you are looking at a handful of months with which to get pretty serious about any dental coverage you have. Why? Well, because entering a new year usually wipes the slate clean, as dental insurance benefits start over. This can either put a frown on your face, if you forgot to utilize those you had available to you in 2019 or you can feel quite happy that you took full advantage of your benefits, as you look forward to a new year of smile protection. Our suggestion? Consider your remaining coverage today!

It Means: You’re Getting Short On Time For The Current Year

It’s October. That means, you have the rest of this month, November, and December with which to address anything going on with your smile that needs addressing before the year is officially over! So, what’s this whole end-of-the-year thing got to do with your oral health? In terms of prevention, it means remembering to complete your second annual dental cleaning and checkup with us, so your teeth and gums stay in lovely condition. It also means that if you want to head into 2020 without feeling guilty about cavities or anything else that needs attention, it’s time to do it!

It Means: Time To Look Ahead For The Holidays And New Year

The rest of the year and the beginning of the approaching year are packed full of holidays and plans. So, we ask: Was there something on your mind either for your oral health (such as a tooth replacement) or your smile’s appearance (like cosmetic care) that you need to squeeze into the schedule or to get started? If so, the time to call is right now!

Get Your Smile Caught Up This Autumn

Let us know if you are behind with your smile care or if there is simply something left on your calendar for the current year that you would like to take care of! See us soon to end the year with a lovely smile. Get the information and treatment you need in Celina, TX by contacting Celina Family Dentistry to schedule a visit today at (214) 851-0130.