Make Sure You Protect Yourself Against Gingivitis

When you brush and floss your teeth, make sure you do not overlook your gum line! People who rush through their preventive dental care routine, or those who are not consistent about their habits, can unknowingly allow plaque to form at the base of teeth, which can eventually lead to the presence of tartar deposits. While plaque and tartar increase your risk for tooth decay, the buildup of bacteria at the base of teeth will also make you vulnerable to gingivitis. If gingivitis is not addressed in time, you can experience complications that lead to long-term consequences for your smile and dental health. When patients show signs of poor periodontal health during their dental exams with their Celina, TX dentist’s office, we are able to recommend a special periodontal cleaning to fight an infection.

Your Daily Oral Care Routine Should Protect Your Teeth And Gums

It is possible for you to effectively protect your teeth as well as your periodontal tissues every time you clean your smile. To do this, you need to be thorough enough while brushing and flossing to effectively remove bacteria and food particles that are present at your gum line. Remember to move the bristles of your brush over the base of your teeth, and bring the floss string down to your gum line every day. With a consistent routine in place, you can remain confident about your defense against gingivitis.

What Can Happen If You Develop Gingivitis?

Signs of gingivitis can be identified while you are cleaning your teeth. If your gums typically begin bleeding while you care for your smile, you should be concerned about infection. You can also be impacted by issues like periodontal swelling, bad breath, and even a change in your gum line.

Problems with your periodontal health today can have long-term effects that certainly do not make you happy. Your tissues can suffer permanent damage from an advanced infection, and that can lead to the loss of teeth. If this has already become a problem for you, our practice can discuss the placement of dental implants to hold permanent restorations.

Tips For Improving Your Approach To Oral Hygiene

One way to check on the thoroughness of your daily care routine is to simply set a timer and see how long you spend brushing. Typically, patients are advised to brush for at least two minutes. If your time comes in below this, you may be leaving areas like your gum line poorly served. It is also good to remember that flossing is meant to be part of your daily routine, not just a means of clearing the awkward presence of food between your teeth.

Your Celina, TX Dentist’s Office Helps Area Families Protect Their Smiles

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