3 Tips You Can Use To Keep Your Child Cavity-Free

man showing three fingersAre your kids at risk for tooth decay, or are they enjoying effective protection against oral health threats? Parents often fret that they are not doing enough to help their children stay safe and healthy. When it comes to managing their oral health in particular, you may have a hard time knowing what your role should be in supporting them, particularly when they are old enough to brush and floss on their own. You can help them by being a good role model, by encouraging them to stick with good habits, and by providing healthy food and drink options. You can also help them by bringing them in for pediatric dental exams. At our Celina, TX dentist’s office, we are ready to help patients of all ages keep their teeth in good shape!

1. Make Sure They Are Really Ready To Brush And Floss Their Teeth On Their Own

It can be exciting to see your children develop new skills and more effectively care for themselves. When it comes to brushing and flossing, it is important to make sure that they are truly ready. Kids need to be coordinated enough to thoroughly clean their teeth each day. If they are given this responsibility too soon, they may not be as good as they need to be at cleaning harder-to-reach areas. They may be eager to start cleaning their own teeth, but it is important to confirm that they are able to perform this task well before leaving it to them.

2. Encourage Them To Stick With Healthy Snack Choices

The choices we make for meals and snacks can support, or undo, our efforts to keep our teeth safe. Kids often have fewer inhibitions when it comes to enjoying sweets. Because of this, they can put themselves at greater risk for tooth decay with their meal and snack preferences. Holding them to healthy meals and snacks can be important if you want to protect them from problems that demand restorative dental work.

3. Stay Consistent With Routine Dental Exams

Your kids should stay consistent with routine pediatric checkups, and you should demonstrate your commitment to oral health by sticking to routine dental exams of your own. These visits provide kids with careful cleanings and evaluations, plus they are opportunities for your dentist to offer helpful tips and guidance. Showing that you also care enough about your smile to go in for an evaluation reinforces the importance of dental health.

Your Celina, TX Dentist Can Help Kids And Parents Avoid Cavities!

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