Let Your Dentist Know You Have Concerns About A Restoration

young woman happy about the appearance of her restored smileOnce you have a dental filling or dental crown put in place, the tooth protected by your restoration should remain safe. They do more than just avoid future problems with infection or injury – fillings and crowns make it possible for you to safely apply bite pressure to a tooth, which means you can stick to natural biting and chewing functions. If you start to feel that your restored tooth is no longer able to do this, or if the tooth begins to feel uncomfortable, you should let your dentist know. When a filling or crown breaks, loosens, or becomes lost, the supported tooth is vulnerable to problems. At our Celina, TX dentist’s office, we can take a look at an older restoration, or one that has been damaged, and provide a dependable replacement.

Is An Older Filling Or Crown Starting To Concern You?

When a dental filling or dental crown is put in place, the expectation is that it will offer permanent support. Of course, we are also supposed to count on our natural teeth to remain strong and healthy for our lifetime – unfortunately, issues do sometimes arise. Problems are more likely to occur if you wear down a restoration by grinding your teeth, practice relatively poor oral health habits, or if your tooth experiences physical trauma.

Arranging The Replacement Of A Damaged Or Worn Restoration

If a restoration is no longer able to support your tooth, a new one will be needed. Before providing you with a new filling or crown, your dentist will check on the condition of your tooth. There may be harm to the tooth that will have to be addressed, or it may be necessary to restore a tooth previously protected by a filling with a crown. After all concerns are satisfied, we can make plans to keep your tooth in good health with a new restoration!

Modern Fillings And Crowns Offer Support For Your Tooth And Your Smile

Older restorations were often made with metal. While durable, this material is not exactly a close resemblance to healthy enamel. At our practice, we offer tooth-colored fillings that imitate healthy teeth, and also bond to them. In addition to cosmetic support, these restorations offer a remarkable level of support. We provide dental crowns made from several materials. If your vulnerable tooth is in a place that is difficult to hide, we can recommend using one made from porcelain or zirconia to provide cosmetic support.

Talk To Your Celina, TX Dentist If You Are Worried About An Older Dental Restoration

At our Celina, TX dentist’s office, patients who are worried about an older filling or crown can make arrangements to receive a new restoration to keep their tooth safe! To find out more about how our practice can help you, please call Celina Family Dentistry at (214) 851-0130.