Preventing Gum Disease with Periodontal Cleanings

Oral hygiene: Ultrasonic teeth cleaning machine removing calculus and plaque. Medically accurate 3D illustration of human teeth treatmentPeriodontal disease is one of the most common forms of oral concern, affecting more than 3 million people yearly in the United States alone. While it is common and affects so many people, the fact of the matter is that most individuals suffer greatly from this disease, as most do not act in time and know when to seek help for the condition. Indeed, it can become very serious, causing jaw bone deterioration and other concerns that require extensive treatment. But when is the right time to act, and what can be done? Fortunately, the team at Celina Family Dentistry in Celina, TX is here to help by informing you how you can prevent gum disease with a periodontal cleaning.

A Dive Beneath the Surface

Periodontitis is caused by harmful oral bacteria that nestle below the surface of your gums. They thrive on food particles and other things that may be difficult to remove from the gum line, and ensure a great deal of protection from harm.  When these bacteria grow, they can cause a variety of concerns that ultimately impact you as the host, such as infected tooth roots that would require a root canal, infecting the gums and causing swelling, discoloration, and bleeding, and even causing the gums to separate from the teeth entirely. As a method to preventing this progression, we recommend attending a routine examination and cleaning at least once every six months in order to monitor any minor concerns and prevent major ones from developing. In the event your dentist identifies signs of gum disease, they may recommend a deep, periodontal cleaning.

Preventing Reattachment

A periodontal cleaning consists of going beneath the surface of the gums and thoroughly removing harmful bacteria that have made a home on the roots of your teeth. The process will take multiple visits as it is one of the more in-depth procedures, and your dentist will plan a schedule with you accordingly to best address your needs. After the bacteria is effectively removed from the surfaces of your teeth roots, your dentist will take care to perform a root planing treatment, which involves smoothing and polishing the surface of your root so as to prevent future bacteria from reattaching so easily. For more information on the process, or to schedule your visit with our team, contact us today.

A Disease-Free Grin

While periodontal disease is common among adults, it can be addressed efficiently if identified early enough. Contact Celina Family Dentistry in Celina, TX by calling 214-851-0130 to learn more or schedule your visit today. Our team will work with you to develop a timeline and procedure that will work best for you, ensuring the health of your beautiful grin.