Treating Sleep Apnea Without A CPAP Machine

celina sleep applianceWhile effective for treating obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), many people find the CPAP machine to be loud, uncomfortable, and may simply forgo its use. Which is why your Celina, TX, dentist is happy to offer a comfortable and minimally-invasive alternative. Instead of the CPAP device, we can create a comfortable sleep appliance.

The Benefits of Treating OSA

We’ve been talking a lot about sleep apnea lately, simply because so many suffer from this disorder and have no idea, enabling it to place serious strain on their quality of life, immune system, and cardiovascular health. The disorder involves soft tissues in the throat and mouth collapsing as we sleep and blocking airflow. We stop breathing multiple times in the night, until the brain wakes us, interrupting the sleep cycle. Over time, this process, even if we don’t remember waking up, causes problems for our ability to feel rested, alert and stay healthy. Warning signs include snoring, waking up struggling to breathe or choking, dry mouth, headaches, moodiness, depression, and trouble staying focused on tasks. If you encounter one or more of these warning signs, let us know right away!

Creating a Custom Oral Appliance

We start with a comprehensive series of airway assessments using technology such as the Rhino-meter and Pharyngo-meter to diagnose the presence of OSA. From there, we offer treatment to help keep airways open and breathing consistently without relying on the CPAP machine. To begin, we take detailed images of your smile, mouth, and airways with advanced scanning technology. We use these images to design and custom fit an oral appliance. The device fits like a mouthguard and is worn as you sleep at night. The appliance then repositions the jaw to keep airways free of obstruction the entire night!

Enjoying A Better Night’s Rest

Over time, this helps help you rest easier. We also suggest making a few positive changes to your sleep routine. For example, in the two hours before bed try to avoid large meals, exercise, caffeinated products, or drinking too much alcohol. Once in bed, make sure the room is dark, cool, and screen-free. Try to rest on your side, not your back, and maintaining a regular schedule of going to bed and waking up at the same times. If you have any questions about diagnosing and treating an issue like OSA, then please contact our team today.

Talk To Your Celina, TX Dentist’s Office About Sleep Appliance Technology

We want to help you rest easier by treating your sleep issues with an oral appliance inside of a CPAP machine. To find out more about designing and prescribing custom-made and comfortable oral appliances, contact your Celina, TX, dentist, Dr. Ganjoor, by calling (214) 851-0130. You should enjoy a good night’s rest in 2021!