How A Dental Crown Repairs Your Smile

celina dental crownWhen a tooth becomes damaged, or if one develops a serious decay, then a filling may not be enough to repair the tooth and prevent complications. Instead, you may need a full restoration known as a dental crown. In today’s blog, your Celina, TX, dentist talks about how we create and place our custom dental crowns.

The Need for a Custom Dental Crown

A dental crown offers repair for a number of serious issues, issues that could otherwise lead to painful complications and even the loss of your teeth. The full restoration covers the visible part of a tooth, so we can repair cracks, chips, and other damages, and even lengthen worn down teeth. We can reshape malformed teeth too, and help improve overall the balance and chewing function too. Placement could be used to aid in tooth replacement as well, so we can secure a bridge in place or complete a single tooth dental implant. Using lifelike materials, such as ceramic, this can be shaded to blend with your smile and at the same time absorb daily bite forces with ease.

How We Plan and Create Them

To get started, our team will conduct a detailed exam of the smile to assess the need for restoration. If you require one, we can numb the tooth being treated so we can comfortably remove structure to make room for them. Next, we take detailed digital images and measurements of the tooth so we can custom-make your crown in a lab setting. Each one we create is custom-made to ensure a proper fit and a balanced bite, as well as a natural appearance, so you feel confidence in your newly restored smile.


When the restoration is finally complete, we will check the fit and make any necessary adjustments to ensure a proper fit. We then attach the finished product with a powerful bonding agent. With proper care and attention, your restoration can last for years to come and offer quality restoration. To keep it strong and safeguard your natural teeth, be sure you brush and floss daily, avoid too much sugar and starch in your diet, and make time to see our team for a checkup and cleaning every six months. These actions can help you maintain a strong and beautiful smile.

If you have any questions about how we restore smiles with a custom-made dental crown, then contact our team today to learn more.

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