Lighten Up This Summer with Professional Teeth Whitening

Do You Need Professional Teeth WhiteningAre you tired of struggling with a smile that looks dingy or discolored? Do you feel embarrassed when you show your teeth, because they are so badly stained? Your morning cup of coffee, a weekend tradition of red wine tasting, an afternoon soda habit, or other common dietary choices could have contributed to your troublesome staining. Fortunately, the solution to addressing these cosmetic concerns is often the same, professional teeth whitening treatment. If you want to lighten your teeth by several shades, quickly and safely, your cosmetic dentist can help!

When Is Professional Treatment the Answer?

If you are unhappy with the look of your smile, because of noticeable staining or discoloration, whitening treatment is likely the best solution. If you’re unsure whether an over-the-counter product could give you the dramatic results you desire, there are some important considerations.

  • In general, many teeth whitening products you see at the grocery store are designed to lighten teeth by a few shades. If you want to brighten teeth by several shades, you may prefer the effectiveness of professional whitening treatment.
  • If you’ve been unhappy with the results of OTC products in the past, or suffered extreme sensitivity when using them, you may also wish to skip the OTC options and instead choose professional treatment.

What Can Your Smile Look Like After Whitening?

Professional whitening can often lighten teeth by more than eight shades, allowing for a dramatically brighter smile.

Even if you are suffering from permanent staining or discoloration, your cosmetic dentist can still help. Treatments like cosmetic bonding and porcelain veneers can help hide permanent or intrinsic discoloration, creating a brighter looking smile.