Cosmetic Care Candidacy: Quick Quiz

So, you want cosmetic care to enhance your smile (or make some serious changes). However, as far as figuring out whether you can receive it or if for some reason, you won’t measure up as a candidate, you’re at a bit of a standstill. You’ll be pleased to learn that this is always worth investigating with us because generally speaking, you’ll be able to receive cosmetic treatments either now or in the future. Let our quiz show you the light!

Quiz Questions: True or False?

  1. True or False: If you want cosmetic care, all you have to do is call us, tell us the treatment you want, and come in to receive it.
  2. True or False: You may not be a very good candidate for cosmetic treatments if you’re older than 50.
  3. True or False: If you have problems with your teeth or gum health, etc., we cannot immediately focus on the way your smile looks. We will need to begin with making your smile healthy.

Quiz Answers

  1. False. The treatment you want and the treatment that is best for you may not be one in the same. To receive cosmetic care, you will need to first visit our practice to consult with us about your smile and your options.
  2. False. You are always a good candidate for cosmetic treatments if your smile is healthy. Age has absolutely nothing to do with it!
  3. True. Your smile health always takes priority above all else. If your goal is to enjoy a better looking smile, remember that a healthy smile is your foundation. We can build from there!

Get The Facts Regarding Cosmetic Care With A Visit

Remember that your visit to discuss cosmetic dentistry with us will help you figure out what you have available to you! Get the information and treatment you need in Celina, TX by contacting Celina Family Dentistry to schedule a visit today at (214) 851-0130.