Sleep Apnea Help For Couples

Do you and your partner both snore? Are you unsure? Do you both feel exhausted and cannot seem to figure out if you’re both suffering from sleep apnea and require sleep apnea treatment or if only one of you has a sleep disorder? Fortunately, though you may feel quite confused (and very sleepy) at the moment, we can help you and your significant other get back to sleep on a nightly basis.

When It’s One Partner

If only you suffer with sleep apnea and require sleep apnea treatment, it’s important to remember that this can still leave both you and your partner feeling exhausted. This is because while you are experiencing the symptoms of sleep apnea (waking up throughout the night), your partner may be waking up in response to your sleep apnea events. Though you have the disorder, you both suffer the consequences. Need help for your sake and your partner’s sake? Come in for a visit ASAP!

When You’re Not Certain

Maybe you are both snoring loudly, you’re both suffering from sleep apnea, and you’re both dealing with the full spectrum of experiences and side effects. Maybe not. So, what should you do, you ask yourself? Fortunately, this isn’t something for which you need to do any advanced research. Instead, you can most certainly both come in for visits with us. We will speak with you about your individual symptoms to get to the bottom of what’s going on. We will offer sleep apnea treatment if it is necessary (remember, we can offer treatment for snoring, as well), so that you can both get your comfy, enjoyable nights of sleep back.

See Our Team For Sleep Apnea Care

If you’re suffering from sleep apnea alone or with a significant other, schedule a time to see us! We would be more than happy to help you get your sleep under control. Get the information and treatment you need in Celina, TX by contacting Celina Family Dentistry to schedule a visit today at (214) 851-0130.