Achieving Your Brightest Smile With Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening traysIf you have embarrassing stains, that doesn’t mean you have to live with discoloration, or try to hide your smile in pictures. Instead, you can contact your Celina, TX, dentist for cosmetic treatment. We have a professional teeth whitening system that helps brighten smiles by several shades, so you obtain a smile that makes you feel proud and confident!

The Causes of Discoloration

How do stains form on our teeth anyway? A number of factors could be the cause. For example, when we consume foods and drinks high in sugar, this leaves behind particles for bacteria to break down, leading to plaque buildup and more visible discoloration. Smoking cigarettes and using other tobacco products also causes teeth stains to develop, as will a lack of daily brushing and flossing too. Beverages with dark pigments, such as coffee, red wine, soda, and tea, could also impact the shade of your smile too. Along with teeth whitening, changes to your oral health could also help improve the brightness of your teeth too!

The Initial Visit

The process starts with an office visit. We take detailed impressions of your teeth, which we use to create a set of trays that fit comfortably over your smile. Next, we complete an initial treatment in-office, before sending you home with the trays and a powerful bleaching gel. You continue to rest of the process from the comfort of your own home!

Teeth Whitening at Home

At home, you will fill the trays with gel and wear them for about 30 to 45 minutes per day, depending on the cause and extent of your discoloration. The trays help ensure even results, and prevent saliva from diluting the gel’s strength. The total amount of time you wear them will depend on your dentist’s recommendations, but usually falls between a week and ten days. Once treatment ends, you can keep the trays and any leftover gel or touch-ups in the coming months. You also help brighten your teeth by brush twice daily, flossing every night, eating healthier foods, and cutting back on drinks with tannins and dark pigments. Many of these steps also help lower the risk of tooth decay and gum disease, in addition to keeping your teeth bright! If you have any questions about our teeth whitening treatment, or any of our other cosmetic treatment options, then contact our team today. We’re ready to help you maintain a healthy and beautiful smile!

Talk To Your Celina, TX Dentist’s Office About Teeth Whitening

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