Could Botox® Treat Teeth Grinding?

celina botox teeth grindingIn our last blog, we looked at how we could use an oral appliance to treat a common but serious issue like bruxism, However, did you know we could also employ Botox® to treat teeth grinding? In today’s blog, your Celina, TX, dentist will explain how a facial esthetic treatment could ease strain in your smile.

The Causes and Dangers of Teeth Grinding

Bruxism is a common disorder that impacts millions of people in the United States. Simply put, this causes people to grind their teeth or clench them as they sleep. Over time, the pressure could eventually wear down tooth structure or even cause a tooth to crack or chip, all of which could cause cavities, infection, and pain in the teeth, neck, jaw, and face. Headaches and migraines are common as well. To avoid harmful oral health complications, treatment is needed. The disorder could be caused by TMJ disorder, stress, injury to the face or jaw, tooth loss, dental misalignment, and other factors that upset bite balance or strain jaw joints.

Treatment for Bruxism

We could approach treatment with a number of options. For some, orthodontics that correct the position of the teeth could ease imbalance and strain, as could placing a custom-made dental crown. For others, we could create a custom-fitted oral appliance to correct the position of the jaw to ease strain. These appliances also a put a barrier between the upper and lower teeth, preventing further damage.

But how do we address the issue with Botox®? When we administer this through a syringe, the treatment will ease strain and tension in the facial muscles, causing them to relax and easing the symptoms of bruxism or TMJ disorder. You avoid painful symptoms, and we may use this in combination with an oral appliance or other treatment option. The option we will select will depend of course on the cause and extent of your bruxism, and we also discuss repairing any damage with a custom-made crown or possibly single-visit dental bonding treatments.

Esthetic Benefits

In addition to easing myofascial pain and tension, the treatment could also reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles in the face, particularly around the nose, mouth, eyes, and in the forehead. The effects last about six months, so we can administer treatment during your checkups as necessary. We could also offer this as a way to help address TMJ disorder.

Talk To Your Celina, TX Dentist’s Office Offers Facial Esthetic Improvement

We have a number of treatment options to help restore comfort and beauty to your smile. To find out more about our approach to treating jaw and facial pain, then contact your Celina, TX, dentist, Dr. Ganjoor, by calling (214) 851-0130. We have a full range of preventive treatments that could even offer cosmetic benefits.