Restore Peace of Mind with a Dental Check-Up

Celina check-upsHas time gotten away from you and your family? It happens to all of us but now it’s time to get back on track! Go ahead and bring the whole family in for an efficient day of dental health check-ups. With our friendly team of preventive dentistry professionals in Celina, TX, a cleaning and examination are a breeze. Today’s blog explains the process of six-month dental check-ups for the whole family.

What Happens at A Child’s Dental Check-Up?

For your little one, dental check-ups are a fun and educational experience. We aim to provide a caring atmosphere that encourages your child to have good oral hygiene habits. We know that a positive dental experience will set them up for a lifetime of good dental health.

Once your child is comfortable, we take any necessary x-rays,  gently clean their teeth, show them how to brush and floss, discuss good nutritional habits, and then provide a thorough dental examination. The dentist will check for abnormalities, orthodontic concerns, gum disease, and cavities. If there is a risk of dental decay, we can apply preventative treatments such as fluorides and sealants.

We aim to educate your child to their level and provide answers to any questions parents have. Teaching your child to value oral health and wellness is a team effort with our dental team.

An Adult Check-Up

Most adults require a check-up every six months, just like their children do. If you have medical conditions that put you at risk for gum disease or if you currently have gum disease, we may recommend more frequent three-month visits to keep your health optimized.

First, we conduct a thorough medical history review to determine if you have any conditions that make you more susceptible to dental diseases. Next, we perform a periodontal evaluation to determine if periodontal disease is present. We do this by taking measurements of the pockets around the teeth. Once the doctor performs the dental examination and oral cancer screening, the hygienist will clean and polish your teeth if no dental infections are present.

If periodontal disease is active in your mouth, a deep cleaning is necessary to restore health and stop any destruction from the disease process. Our team will thoroughly explain this process during your visit if gum disease is found. A detailed treatment plan will be created if any treatment is needed, and we take the time to answer all questions and concerns.

Get Back on Track with Celina Family Dentistry

Get the whole family in for preventative check-ups! Let us restore your peace of mind and dental health. To learn more or to schedule your next visit, give us a call at Celina Family Dentistry at (214) 851-0130!