Protect Little Smiles With Children’s Dentistry

celina children's dentistrySummer break is here! Which means if you have kids, they have a higher risk of tooth decay and infection. But it doesn’t have to be that way! In today’s blog, your Celina, TX, dentist talks about our approach to children’s dentistry, and offers tips to help little smiles stay cavity-free during summer break, so they can start a new school year in the fall with healthy, strong, and bright smiles.

Summer Break and Cavities

During summer break, kids tend to become a bit more relaxed, sleeping in, staying up late, and indulging in plenty of sugary foods and drinks. This, combined with a lapse in their brushing and flossing habits, can be a recipe for tooth decay. As the particles of sugar and starch for their snacks and drinks become trapped on and between the teeth, this can increase the risk of tooth decay forming, leaving them vulnerable to dental infection and other painful complications. But with better oral hygiene habits and visits to our office, we can help your kids enjoy a lowered risk of cavities all summer long!

Checkups and Cleanings

Now is a great time to schedule a checkup and cleaning for your child. We can examine the teeth and gums with intraoral cameras and digital x-rays, identifying areas of concern, such as tooth decay, and providing treatment before the concern can grow in severity. We also make sure baby teeth are falling out as they should, that permanent teeth erupt properly, which lowers the risk of misalignment. For older teens, we could discuss tooth extraction to prevent wisdom tooth impaction before they leave high school and start college.

In the same sitting, our team can also clean the teeth, using an ultrasonic scaling device and a manual tool to break up and remove all plaque and tartar buildup, so they enjoy fresher breath, brighter smiles and a lowered risk of tooth decay and gingivitis.

Fluoride and Dental Sealants

We could also discuss preventive treatments to help lower the risk of tooth decay. For example, during the checkup visit we can apply fluoride to the teeth in a varnish form, which coats them and strengthens the enamel to prevent the risk of cavities and infection. The process only takes a few seconds! We can also apply dental sealants to the molars, the rear teeth kids often have trouble reaching when they brush and floss. The sealants coat these and stay in place for up to ten years, so food and drink particles cannot be trapped between these teeth and the risk of cavities is reduced. Again, the application takes a few seconds. After placement, we suggest kids avoid food and drink for about 30 minutes as the material cure.

Better Homecare Habits

Be sure that your kids start each day by brushing for two minutes, and end the day the same. They also need to floss in in the evening before they brush the second time, removing trapped food and drink particles. A fluoride toothpaste is a must as well! These actions help keep your teeth and gums strong, fighting issues like cavities and gingivitis. You can time them with a sand timer, song, or video to ensure they brush for the two minutes required, and you can assist toddler-aged kids too.


Try to offer snacks that don’t have a lot of sugar and starch in them. Even supposedly healthy options, like fruit juice and sports drinks, contain harmful sugars and acids. Encourage more water and also offer options like fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads and crackers, cheeses, and low-fat yogurt, and sugar-free gum. Healthy snacks and plenty of water can help keep teeth strong and free of cavities.


Does your child play sports or martial arts during the summer? Then talk to our team about a custom mouthguard, which can provide a greater level of protection than a standard boil-and-bite option from a sporting goods store. This can help lower the risk of cracked, chipped, or knocked-out teeth. If you have any questions, or if you want to schedule a summer checkup and cleaning, then contact our team today to learn more. We want to help your little one enjoy good oral health and a smile that shines all summer long!

Schedule a Visit for Your Child’s Summer Checkup

If you want to help your child maintain good oral health, or would like to schedule an appointment, call Celina Family Dentistry in Celina, TX at (214) 851-0130. We offer care for the entire family, so talk to us today about a visit and treatment to keep your smiles comfortable, bright, and healthy for years to come.