Relaxing at the Dentist’s Office? Yes, It Can Happen!

Soothing sedation dentistry in Celina, TXRemember what it was like when, as a child, you had a splinter lodged in your finger? It hurt, but there was also the fear of having it removed. Would it hurt even more? Maybe you could just leave it there and hope for the best? At the office of Dr. Angela Ganjoor, who offers sedation dentistry in Celina, TX, we treat many patients who have a similar anxiety about visiting the dentist. Dental anxiety is extremely common, affecting an estimated 80% or more of Americans. Of those, a large number experience anxiety so severe that they go years without setting foot in a waiting room.

Sedation Options for Your Dental Visit

Our foremost goal is to ensure that you receive much-needed dental care, whether as a means of prevention or to address an infection or damaged tooth. Most patients are familiar with “laughing gas,” which is nitrous oxide gas delivered through a mask covering your nose. This option works well for patients who have mild anxiety, and for those who must be able to drive their own vehicle to and from the appointment. For more severe anxiety, Dr. Ganjoor may recommend oral sedation, or a combination of nitrous oxide and an oral sedative. If you choose either of these options, you must arrange for transportation to and from your dental visit.

Self-Soothing Techniques

Of course, sedatives are only one option for reducing feelings of nervousness during your dental visit. Many of our patients prefer alternative or holistic means of mellowing out:

Deep breathing: Also called diaphragmatic breathing, this technique helps quell your body’s natural response to stress, the choice between fight and flight. By contracting the diaphragm, the muscle immediately above your stomach cavity, you can gradually lower your rapid heartbeat.

Muscle relaxation: When your body becomes stressed, it causes your muscles to clench and lock more forcefully than usual. Progressive muscle relaxation begins with targeting the largest muscle group in your body. Tighten these muscles, then release them before moving on to other muscle groups. YouTube and WebMD are excellent resources for progressive relaxation tutorials.

Need more information about sedation dentistry in Celina, TX? To learn more about your options, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Angela Ganjoor, contact us at 214-851-0130. We welcome patients living in McKinney, Plano, Frisco, Gunter, Pilot Point, and the neighboring communities.

Chewing with Caution may Help your Jaw Health

BigBiteChewing food is an activity you most likely participate in several times every single day. Chewing comes naturally, but the instinctual nature of breaking down food with our teeth holds an importance that is often overlooked. The most obvious benefit of chewing thoroughly is that it greatly reduces our risk for choking. However, there are other compelling reasons to be mindful of the way you chew. Celina, TX dentist, Dr. Angela Ganjoor, will explain some of the reasons you should examine your chewing habits.

Too Big

Taking bites of food which are too large for the size of your mouth will eventually cause damage to your jaw. This advice is particularly timely in the United States culture. Americans have taken to consuming food in increasingly larger portions over the years. Gargantuan sandwiches, huge hamburgers, and belly busting  burritos, for example, are sometimes so large that they require you to open your mouth wider than you should. People who suffer from TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder) are at high risk for jaw injuries because their joints are already sensitive. If a meal requires you to open your mouth so widely that it causes discomfort or pain, simply cut the food into smaller bites before chewing.

Chewing and Weight Loss

A large number of people fail to chew their food enough times before swallowing. You may find it necessary to eat on the run, or you may feel so hungry from waiting too long to eat, that you rush through the entire process of enjoying a meal. Eventually, eating too fast becomes an bad habit. One research study (more…)

Try this Emergency Dentistry Quiz

True or false boardAre you prepared for a dental emergency? Unfortunately, when you’re in the middle of a crisis it can be hard to keep your head level and make the right decisions. Educating yourself in advance may help keep your wits about you in a dental emergency, however. Celina, TX dentist, Dr. Angela Ganjoor, would like to quiz you on what you may already know, and perhaps teach you something new in the process.


Q1. True or false – Tooth decay is always painful.

Q2. True or false – If you sustain a broken tooth, the fragment can be reattached.

Q3. True or false – Tongue injuries always heal themselves. (more…)

Filling Improvements Over the Years

AmalgamFillingsIs your mouth filled with silver or gold fillings? There are many people who have opted for metal fillings over tooth colored ones. There are also those folks who never had an option. There were periods in dental history where color-matched composite resin fillings were nothing but a pipe dream. Now, people who still sport metal fillings are often curious if they should have them removed and replaced with fillings which will blend in with their teeth.

Filling History

Once upon a time, cavities were filled with amalgam fillings, which were made from a combination of silver, zinc, mercury, tin, and other trace metals. Over time, a great debate about the safety of amalgam fillings developed. Medical professionals feared that the mercury in these dental restorations would get into patients’ bloodstreams and cause health problems. Why? Because amalgam fillings were known to leak after years of gnashing and biting, ultimately causing them to break down and irritate the decaying tooth underneath.

Taking Advantage of Filling Improvements

Because Dr. Ganjoor and our team at Celina Family Dentistry are dedicated to providing our patients with the best dental care possible, we only (more…)

The Great Gender Dental Battle

Boxing CoupleWho is better at keeping up with their dental health between the genders? Well, women pay more attention to their smiles than men, in general. Celina dentistDr. Angela Ganjoor and our dental team are happy to provide dental care for either gender. Why do you think women make more effort? Could it be because women tend to focus more on  improving their appearance? According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, a simple, straight, attractive smile translates to more success in all areas of life. In fact, about 70% of men admit that a woman looks more beautiful when she smiles than when she wears a full face of makeup. Smiling lifts your facial muscles to naturally make men and women appear younger, friendlier, and more full of energy.

Preventive Care: The Same for Both Genders

Ladies are more likely to follow routine checkup schedules and have more positive attitudes toward dental health. Studies show that females are 26% more likely to floss daily and 57%t of women brush twice a day. Compare this with only 49% of men who do the same. These healthy hygiene behaviors, combined with a lack of competitive sports (which can knock out teeth) help many ladies keep their natural teeth longer than men. But it’s not all happy smiles for women. Hormonal changes during menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause can contribute to inflamed gums. Additionally, research reveals that dry mouth, eating disorders (which can cause extreme enamel damage) and TMJ disorders are more common among women than men.

Cosmetic Dental Options: The Same for Both Genders

If you do opt for cosmetic age defying dental procedures the American Academy of Periodontology says that people are seven times more likely to have smile enhancements than face lifts. Dr. Ganjoor’s cosmetic treatments can make your smile look new and fresh. For example, teeth whitening removes years of stains, porcelain veneers hide signs of wear, and cosmetic contouring reshapes your smile. Additionally, about 3/4 of women would feel embarrassed by a missing tooth, compared with only half of men. Fortunately, Dr. Ganjoor offers dental implants to restore missing teeth.

Comprehensive Dental Care in Celina for Men and Women

Dr. Ganjoor can help both men and women maintain healthy, beautiful smiles for life. Contact our Celina dentist office at (214) 851-0130 to schedule an appointment. We welcome patients from Celina, Prosper, Gunter, Frisco, McKinney, Aubrey, Pilot Point, Anna, and surrounding areas.

Missing Teeth? You’re Missing Out!

Is there anything more lovely than a healthy, attractive smile? Not only does your smile impact the way others perceive you, but it also affects the way you feel about yourself. If you’ve lost one or more teeth, you may find it difficult to flash your smile around other people. Dr. Angela Ganjoor, a general dentist offering dental implants in Celina, TX, discusses the surprising ways in which adult tooth loss affects your quality of life. As you’ll see, these consequences go well beyond the appearance of your smile.

More Than Just a Missing Tooth

Many of our patients are shocked to learn of the oral health complications that come with tooth loss. First, there’s the impact to your remaining teeth. Forced to withstand greater pressure and stress, these teeth become more prone to cracks and breakage. Your bite may become misaligned, leading to a TMJ disorder, a painful condition affecting the joints of your jaw. If your remaining teeth gradually shift out of position, you may develop crowding or overlapping—two factors that make oral hygiene more difficult. The result? You become more susceptible to gum disease, tooth decay and unpleasant breath.

The Link Between Oral Health and General Health

The consequences of adult tooth loss directly impact your oral health, not to mention several aspects of your general health. Take your diet, for example. Crisp, healthy fruits and vegetables become more difficult to chew, leading many edentulous patients to adopt a diet of soft, non-nutritious foods, such as baked goods and drive-thru fare. In turn, this places you at a greater risk of developing diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. If you develop periodontal disease, it’s possible that you become particularly susceptible to a host of ailments, including Alzheimer’s, stroke, and bone loss.

How Do Dental Implants Help?

The beauty of dental implants is their versatility. Whether you are missing a single tooth, multiple teeth, or all of your teeth, implants are up to the task. Because implants are permanently secured in your jawbone, you need not worry about the downsides of removable dentures—no adhesives or soaks, uncomfortable prosthetics, or tell-tale clicking sounds during speech. Of all teeth replacement options available, none afford the same stability and natural appearance of dental implants.

Don’t let missing teeth keep you from the things you love. To learn more about dental implants in Celina, TX, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Angela Ganjoor, contact our office at 214. 851. 0130. We welcome patients living in McKinney, Frisco, Plano, Gunter, Pilot Point and the surrounding communities. For the latest news and updates, follow us on Facebook.

Secrets of Celebrities’ Smile Styles: Teeth Whitening

Dazzling. Luminous. Brilliant. Flip through the pages of your favorite fashion magazine or celebrity style blog, and you’ll find these words used repeatedly to describe the smiles of your favorite stars. When it comes to celebrities’ pearly whites, is it simply a matter of good genes? We think not, says Dr. Angela Ganjoor, a cosmetic dentist in Celina, TX. Dr. Ganjoor shares celebrity dentists’ teeth whitening secrets from the latest issue of Elle magazine.

The Basics of Brilliant Teeth

Start with a whitening toothpaste of your choice, but understand that toothpaste alone isn’t sufficient to achieve significant brightening. Although these products contain a small amount of peroxide, they work mostly to scrub away plaque and light staining from the surface of your teeth. For more dramatic results, you’ll need professional cleaning and whitening treatments. Visit Dr. Ganjoor at least once every six months, or more frequently as recommended. Doing so prevents food and debris from accumulating on your teeth while protecting your mouth against periodontal disease, bad breath, and tooth decay.

One Hollywood dentist, whose celebrity patients include fashion models, rock stars and A-list actors, adds that using an electric toothbrush prevents or removes buildup from between teeth and beneath the gum line. Using sonic waves, some electric brushes loosen plaque and tartar. Others scrub and polish the surface of your teeth to produce a smooth, gleaming appearance. Both dentists agree that using mouthwash, whitening formula or otherwise, helps reach areas not touched by your toothbrush. Avoid mouthwash that contains alcohol, as its drying effect on your mouth contributes to bad breath and increases your risk for tooth decay.

Should You Go the Professional Route?

Not all stains can be removed by over-the-counter teeth whitening products, even those that claim to be professional strength. The most stubborn stains include those caused by:

  • Years of neglect
  • Tobacco use
  • Taking medications known to discolor teeth
  • Consuming dark liquids, such as tea, coffee and cola
  • Damages to the surface of tooth enamel

You probably know that your skin has pores, but did you know that teeth have pores, too? Oil and dirt clog pores, leading to skin irritations and pimples. Similarly, tooth enamel that has been badly damaged and pitted is more prone to staining. Heavily pigmented substances, such as berries, wine, and certain fruits, remain in these open pores. Professional teeth whitening removes stains from the pores in your teeth.

Give Your Teeth the Star Treatment

Dr. Ganjoor offers two options for dramatic, effective teeth whitening: an in-office system, LumiBrite, and take-home whitening kits. Which is best for you? LumiBrite is ideal if you desire instant gratification, achieving up to 10 shades of whitening within a single one-hour treatment. Our home whitening system produces enviable results, albeit more gradually. Most patients achieve optimal whitening within two to four weeks of at-home treatment.

What could you do with a brighter smile? To learn more about teeth whitening in Celina, TX, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Angela Ganjoor, contact our office at 214. 851. 0130. We welcome patients living in McKinney, Frisco, Plano, Gunter, Pilot Point and the surrounding communities. For the latest news and updates, follow us on Facebook.

Can the Sun Make Your Smile Shine Brighter?

sun shine smileThe summer season is one of smiles and sunshine, and though it may not seem so at first, the two are more closely related than you might think. When the sun’s light hits your skin, it stimulates your body’s production of vitamin D; an essential component of many of your body’s vital functions. One of the most important duties of vitamin D is to help your body absorb and metabolize calcium, which your teeth, gums, and jawbone rely on to remain strong and healthy. As the brightest time of year gets into full swing, your Celina family dentist, Dr. Angela Ganjoor, advises soaking up a healthy amount of sunshine, and smiling often in the process. (more…)

A Tooth Test: True or False?

Dr. Angela Ganjoor and our wonderful staff at Celina Family Dentistry know exactly how many teeth you have. We keep track at each of your dental checkups. It’s important, because you are supposed to have a certain amount of teeth. If some fail to erupt, further investigation is necessary to ensure there isn’t an underlying dental issue to worry about. To learn more about your smile, try today’s true-or-false quiz.


Q1. True or false: The total amount of human teeth possible to grow is 32.

Q2. True or false: Every healthy tooth is comprised of layers. The clear outer shell – tooth enamel -is the strongest substance your body produces.

Q3. True or false: Although strong, your tooth enamel is subject to acid erosion. The only way this occurs is through consumption of sour food and drinks.

Answers (more…)

Do you Need Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Happy FriendsIt’s difficult enough to commit to your regular biannual dental checkups. When you have a plethora of dental issues, the prospect of fixing your smile can feel completely overwhelming. For cosmetic and restorative dental needs, you may not even know where to begin. That’s where Celina dentistDr. Angela Ganjoor steps in, providing you with a consultation for full mouth reconstruction. Similar to something known as a smile makeover, reconstruction focuses on making sure that your mouth provides a healthy foundation for cosmetic procedures.

Heal and Restore your Smile

Cosmetic dental procedures provide you with the look that you desire. However, without a healthy scaffolding to build upon, your cosmetic dental work will end up being a waste. If you want your cosmetic work to last, you will need to start with a thorough exam and consultation with Dr. Ganjoor to ascertain the degree of work necessary. Fillings, crowns, inlays, onlays, or root canal procedures might be in order to deal with cavities or deep decay. If you received amalgam fillings when you were younger, you may wish to have them (more…)